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How do I bet on horses online?


How do I bet on horses online? Here's How!

The You Bet Network is America's first interactive online horseracing service, and a one-stop convenience for horseracing and computer enthusiasts worldwide.

The You Bet Network delivers all aspects of horseracing to your finger-tips via a secure online network. It allows you to place real and safe horseracing wagers directly into the horserace wagering pools of coast-to-coast, live horse racetracks on the network.

You can watch horseracing and listen to horseraces as they happen and get such key horseracing handicapping and horserace wagering information as up-to-the-second odds, exotic wagering, probable payouts and late changes.

Additional horseracing informational resources and horseracing high-end handicapping tools such as track programs, past performances, speed figures and Thoro-Graph sheets are available to you as well.

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