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Andy's Garage  Click Here

For new Garage Sale shoppers, here's a big Garage "Howdy!"

My claim to fame is that I sell new stuff cheap. Dirt cheap. And that's on
everything from boom boxes to bedspreads, toasters to computer games, kitchen
gadgets to jackets ... all brand spankin' new and many with brand names you'll

Having said that, let me show you around the place!

Keep your eyes peeled for my Big Deal of the Day. I guarantee that it will
always be way below dealer cost, and it changes every single day. Now since it's
such a good deal, we limit it to 1 Big Deal to a customer ... and when they're gone,
they're gone!  Click Here

Be sure to check out my Top 20 Products, too! You never know what you'll
find ... there's new stuff every single week. Quantities are limited, so get 'em while
the gettin's good or you might be cryin' in your root beer.

There are THOUSANDS of money-saving deals in my Hot Buys area! Hot
Buys aren't liquidation items. Fact is, you've asked for many of the deals you'll find
there for you, your family and your home and we're puttin' more of them up online
every week. Take a look -- you'll find some pretty awesome values!

And last, but definitely not least, is Andy's Last Chance Attic! We're full to
the rafters with previously run products, so we've decided to ship 'em out. But
before we do, we're givin' you one last chance at 'em!! Look in often, because
we'll be addin' products regularly.  Click Here

Andy's Garage  Click Here